What is LymphEd?

LymphEd was founded in 2017 by Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco, PT, PhD, CLT-LANA, CI-CS. LymphEd’s mission is to provide education and resources on lymphedema to medical professionals, those with lymphedema, and others interested in lymphedema. As LymphEd grows, it will incorporate multiple platforms for delivery of materials, including courses, papers, videos, and interactive communication through blogs and Facebook. The goal is to provide up-to-date information on the lymphatic system, lymphedema, treatment options for lymphedema, and available resources.To keep the material fresh, this site will continually be changing, so check back often for updates.


What is the Casley-Smith Method?

Casley-Smith International Instructors

Casley-Smith International Instructors

Dr. John R and Judith R Casley-Smith were lymphologist in Australia known for their research on the lymphatic system, developing lymphedema treatment options, and for raising awareness about lymphedema. They founded the Lymphoedema Association of Australia in 1982 to bring together the medical community, patients, and researchers to further the knowledge of lymphedema. Complex Lymphatic Therapy (CLT) is the Australian version developed by the Casley-Smiths off the European protocol of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) for the treatment of lymphedema. CLT and CDT are very similar and have only a few different techniques. CLT focuses on self-care by the patient with simple strokes for the manual lymphatic drainage, exercises following normal drainage pathways, and on bandaging with a compression gradient and protective/therapeutic padding.


Shelley’s passion and knowledge of the subject matter was so evident! She helped us to understand not only how to work with our clients; but, even how to work with others in the field, such as vendors and fitters!
— Anonymous, Former Student

Who is Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco?

Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco, PT, PhD, CLT-LANA, CI-CS

Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco, PT, PhD, CLT-LANA, CI-CS

Dr. Shelley Smith DiCecco, PT, PhD, CLT-LANA, CI-CS, founded LymphEd in 2017. She received her Bachelors in Special Education and a Pre-Physical Therapy certificate from Clemson University in 1997. Dr. DiCecco taught elementary school special education resource classes prior to completing her Masters of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of St. Augustine in January of 2000. She became a Woman’s Health Specialist for Pelvic Floor Disorders in 2000 and a Certified Lymphedema Therapist in the Casley-Smith Method in 2001. Dr. DiCecco received her PhD from Texas Woman’s University in the Philosophy of Physical Therapy in 2012. Her research and dissertation was on treatment techniques for females with genital lymphedema with or without lower extremity involvement. Dr. DiCecco completed her Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) Certification in 2013 and her training as a Casley-Smith International Certified Instructor in 2016. Dr. DiCecco is also certified by the Lymphoedema Training Academy                                                                                                                in the Fill and Flush Technique for lymphedema treatment. 

Dr. DiCecco assisted with or lead several continuing education courses, conferences, and seminars, as well as presented at community events on lymphedema, pelvic floor disorders, and other orthopedic conditions over the years, both nationally and internationally. She has published articles on lymphedema and pelvic floor disorders. Dr. DiCecco is a physical therapy consultant for SI-Bone I-Fuse Implant System and provides educational in-services to medical professionals on how to determine if a person is a candidate for sacroiliac fusion and how physical therapy plays a role in this patient population.

Dr. DiCecco developed the lymphedema and pelvic floor service lines for the Sports Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She currently is Director of the two programs and treats patients several hours a week at the Brookhaven location. Dr. DiCecco recently joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor at the Georgia’s Campus for the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in the Physical Therapy Department. Dr. DiCecco joined the board for a non-profit organization, the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network (LLN) in 2002 and she is the lead Grant Writer for the organization. Dr. DiCecco contributed a chapter in the LLN’s book on lymphedema, The Puzzle. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and its Oncology, Women’s Health, and Education Sections. Dr. DiCecco is a member of the Lymphology Association of North America, the Lymphoedema Association of Australia, the Casley-Smith International Group, the lymphedema round table for therapists in Atlanta, and with a round table for pelvic floor therapist in Atlanta. Outside of work, Dr. DiCecco spends time with her husband Rob and their 2 Bengal cats. 

Shelley is very approachable and answers all questions with grace and knowledge! I appreciate Shelley’s flexibility in letting us direct/choose/guide aspects of our day!
— Katie Silakowski, Former Student